Frequently Asked


What is coaching?

According to the International Coach Academy definition, “ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential…” I aim to inspire you to realize your full potential in all we do.

What is your goal in the partnership?

I am passionate about helping people experiencing significant change and more successfully manage that change. I walk alongside them as a coach and success partner, offering them personalized blueprints that will help them live fulfilling and satisfying lives and thrive professionally.

Why should I use you as my coach?

I’m more than a coach, I’m an eager partner in your success. I help you to release your mind from doubt, uncertainty, and obstacles so that you can take positive action. I help you illuminate the path you want to take by giving you insight from an outside perspective. I have many unique experiences that lend to uncanny intuition which I combine with continuous formal education to serve my clients with excellence. 

What makes you different from other coaches?

We are all unique and bring our own experiences and methods to coaching. What makes me unique is that I have a military background; I came from humble begins where I had to fight to have a chance at life, and I turned it around through perseverance and hard work. I had plenty of doubters and things that I perceived as reasons to quit pushing, but I did not give in. I understand what it is like to have those you love say that you can’t do something and to not have the support required to keep you going… or to start. I understand what it feels like when you take one step forward and five steps back. I understand what struggle is and I genuinely want to help you get past whatever is holding you back! 

I am also an associate certified coach recognized by the International Coach Federation. This certification means that I have been coached myself, I have coached my peers, and I have studied for over a year in order to ensure that I provide true value to your life.

Do I have to live in the same city as you?

 No, all of my coaching programs and courses can be done remotely. I offer coaching services via phone, Zoom (or other video teleconferencing apps), and face-to-face. We can also communicate via email between sessions.

How do I know you will not share my information?

I don’t take the trust you place in me lightly. All of our interactions are confidential. I strictly follow the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics

What is your method of coaching?

That depends on my client. Every session is tailored to address my client’s objective. I do not go in with a scripted plan in mind. Through active listening and mindfulness, I am able to ask powerful, thought-provoking questions to help you create a plan of action. I will tell you that I am a blunt person who will ask the tough questions to get you where you need to go.

If you would like me to provide an answer or see my perspective on something, I am able to provide that in a way that opens your mind to seeing other options you may have not have considered.