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A Life Dedicated To Helping Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Go From Distress To Success

Jevon Wooden is a dynamic keynote speaker specializing in empowering individuals and businesses to improve their productivity, marketing, and growth strategies. With his exceptional track record and diverse experiences, Jevon possesses a rare gift to inspire, uplift, and motivate his audiences.

He has been honored with a Bronze Star for his heroic acts during his service in Afghanistan and has overcome significant challenges, including facing seven years of imprisonment as a teenager. Despite these obstacles, he has achieved remarkable success as an author and now dedicates himself to guiding others through seasons of change and uncertainty.

Jevon's mission is to help others discover their true potential, define success on their own terms, and pursue their greatness even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Presentation Topics

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How To Go From Distress To Success!

In this inspiring program, Jevon shares the pivotal events in his life that sparked a 180-degree change to demonstrate how positive self-perception and an abundant mindset reinforce one’s personal and professional goals.

Through lively discussion, Jevon leads the audience on a journey to discover what truly drives them, their sticking points, and the path to happiness and productivity. Jevon’s interactive delivery will leave the audience with immediate steps to move them forward in growth at work and home.

Integrity, honesty, ethics crossroad

The Ethics of Content Marketing: Balancing the Needs of Your Business with the Needs of Your Audience

Jevon emphasizes that content marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses, but it must be done in a way that is transparent, honest, and respectful of the audience's needs. Jevon explains that content marketing should focus on building relationships with the audience and providing value, rather than simply trying to sell products or services.

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The 3DA Success Formula

Jevon's program offers valuable insights on how to achieve greater success and reduce stress by breaking down the 3DA Success Formula. This framework emphasizes the importance of delegating, deleting, delaying, and automating tasks to optimize productivity in both personal and professional lives. By delegating tasks to others who have the necessary skills, eliminating unnecessary tasks, delaying non-urgent tasks, and automating routine tasks, individuals can free up more time to focus on high-priority work, achieve their goals more efficiently, and ultimately experience less stress.

Something To Talk About
Jevon is recognized as a powerful speaker, coach, and mentor, inspiring thousands of people to unlock their full potential and achieve their greatness.
Inspiration In Action
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Thanks for the guidance and motivation. Learning to understand what’s truly important in life and work and focusing on those items will definitely better guide me. Even when you feel your on the right path opening my eyes and ears to others can do all the good and be very helpful. Thanks Jevon for helping us.

Definitely will be attending other events of yours! -Mike Lopez
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