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Jevon's vast array of life experiences have provided him with an uncanny ability to inspire, uplift, and motivate.  He has received a Bronze Star for heroic acts in Afghanistan, faced seven years in prison as a 17-year old, and accomplished many great things, including becoming an author, despite the odds.



Increasing Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, And Quality Of Life

In this inspiring program, Jevon shares the pivotal events in his life that sparked a 180 degree change to demonstrate how positive self-perception and an abundant mindset reinforce one’s personal and professional goals.

Through engaging discussion, he will take the audience on a journey to discover what truly drives them, sticking points, and a path to being happier and more productive. Jevon’s interactive delivery will leave the audience with immediate steps to move them forward in growth at work and home. 

The Secrets I Learned To Become A High Achiever After Facing Seven Years In Prison

Jevon captivates the audience with his story of being a youth who lacked confidence and self-esteem to being the successful entrepreneur you see today. In this presentation Jevon shares the keys to success he has learned along the journey.

How To Get Paid Doing What You Love And Have Time To Do What You Want

With this interactive workshop style presentation Jevon challenges the audience to find what truly drives them. Jevon provides exercises where the attendees identify their strengths, values, and more.