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Your Next Big Breakthrough Begins Here

Whether you’re a leader in a Fortune 500 enterprise, a first time entrepreneur launching your business, helming a startup that’s struggling to get beyond the growth stage, or otherwise navigating this explosive and highly competitive business landscape, you need grit, determination, and laser focus on accomplishing your goals.

And those who are most successful rely on a not-so-secret weapon when it comes to climbing to the top of their fields and ultimate life satisfaction: coaching.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone or travel thousands of miles to meet with a coach to unlock your potential. You can do it as part of a high performance community without leaving the comfort of your home.

What Can Live Not Loathe Do For You?

Live Not Loathe is your invitation to discover more personally and professionally. Imagine achieving success in business and beyond.

And it doesn’t come from grinding harder, doing more, or being the hero who is everything for everyone. We utilize our 5Y Framework to increase brand awareness, sales, revenue, and customer retention.

My business is to make success much easier for you to obtain and maintain. I  take the struggle out of your hustle and help you create a life you don’t need a vacation from. You can fly higher and achieve more with less effort--if you know where to put your energy to get maximum ROI.

I’ll work with you to crush your specific goals, overcome obstacles in your way, and create a blueprint for sustained success.

Meet Jevon

Hi, I’m Jevon, and I am obsessed with igniting business transformations and personal awakenings.


I've enjoyed success in the tech industry, US Army, and coaching. But my success hasn't come easy. My road has been unconventional, paved by poverty, family struggles, and even jail time as a youth. But I was able to rise above it all and am now called to empower others to overcome overwhelm and adversity, and gain clarity, so they can build the life and business they envision in their dreams.

Let’s get to know each other so I can show you how to live a life you love, not loathe.

Work With Jevon

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Savvy business leaders and entrepreneurs know that when it comes to time and energy, investing them in the right places leads to explosive growth and career satisfaction. Through one-on-one or group coaching, I’ll show you how to create a blueprint that focuses your energy where it matters so you can seamlessly execute your vision and create sustainable success--all while reclaiming more of your time.

Self-paced courses: mindset and business

Live Not Loathe’s courses give you access to real-world training and accountability to elevate you to your next level. Find balance, reclaim your confidence, overcome overwhelm, and increase your ROI with our on-demand courses that are ready when you are.

Jevon Speaker, Business Coach, Mindset Coach, Business Consulting

Jevon inspires audiences to unleash their inner power through compelling insights that drive them to take life-altering action. Topics include moving from distress to success, identifying your key life and business drivers, motivation, effective leadership, and more.

An Evidence-Based Framework To Support Your Success

Having the right systems in place is the key to sustainable business success. I’ve developed my strategic 5Y Framework™ toward maximizing the success of my business coaching clients through gaining clarity on what they want and how to achieve it.

Business Coaching Framework


What results matter? What are the key measurements for expedited success?


What levers can we pull to produce the desired outcomes?


How do we make things easier to manage? What can be delegated, deleted, or delayed? Where can automation be implemented?


Where do we need to ensure there is flexibility to allow room for growth, scalability, and expansion?


How do we ensure people are filled with passionate desire and good thoughts for your offerings to promote brand loyalty?

Now Is Your Time

The balance and success you've always wanted are possible, and I can show you how to get there faster than you would alone.